Digital X-Rays

There are a tremendous number of advantages to using digital radiographs (x-rays). Among them are a significant reduction in the amount of radiation over traditional film-based x-rays. They are ready to be viewed instantaneously. We can zoom into areas on the patient monitor in front of you to point out issues so you can better understand the need for specific treatments and be a part of the decision making. If we need to refer you to a specialist we can simply e-mail the images without a reduction in quality.

They’re here to stay and we are proud of the fact that we’ve had them in our offices for a decade!

Digital X-Rays Radiographs Implants Placement Dentist Louisville Kentucky

We use them to ensure implants are placed properly.

Digital X-Rays Radiographs Fractured Root Dentist Louisville Kentucky

We use them to note problems like a fractured root.

Digital X-Rays Radiographs Cavity Dentist Louisville Kentucky

We use them to find cavities.

Digital X-Rays Radiation Perspective Louisville Kentucky

Digital dental x-rays are roughly 0.3 mrem per image. In other word… not much!