Dental implants are likely the greatest advancement in dentistry in the past 50 years and among the most successful procedures we perform in dentistry.

When you lose a natural tooth several negative impacts occur:

  • the bone that held the tooth in place shrinks away
  • the bone loss causes adjacent teeth to move around
  • the tooth movement changes how your teeth fit together
  • since your teeth no longer fit together well you can no longer chew as effectively all over
  • chewing on just one side of your mouth then causes premature wear of the teeth on that side

Dental implants solve all of these problems. A dental implant is placed and after the area heals for a short period of time it will be a new permanent part of you. The bone loss is significantly reduced or halted altogether. We then place a natural looking crown (replacement tooth) securely onto the implant.

You have a brand new tooth “from the ground up!”

Further, if you have a poorly fitting denture or partial denture, placing implants will help secure them into place, thus ensuring a more comfortable fit.

Before Dental Tooth Implant Louisville Kentucky
After Dental Tooth Implant Louisville Kentucky

Here is a tooth that has fractured down to the level of bone. It was agreed upon that removing the tooth and placing an implant would be best.

After Porcelain Crown Implant Louisville Kentucky

After roughly four months of healing a porcelain crown was placed. As you can see it seamlessly fit in with the adjacent teeth and the patient was thrilled!