Video Testimonials

“I came from a major dental chain I’d call it. And I felt like the whole time I was there they didn’t really care about my teeth. It was more about just what can they push on me what’s the next product what’s the next product. Here it’s totally different it’s almost like coming to a family friendly office. My wife comes here. My two sons. I have one that’s eight and one that’s 3. And great with all of them. They absolutely love coming to the dentist now. Which is fantastic. They actually care about your teeth. It’s actually honest people working on your teeth. I’m just really thankful I found this place. Great dentist, great people. I couldn’t be happier.”

- Matthew Scott

“Hey now! My name is Sam Toomer. And I’ve been going to Foster & Foster for about two years now. And I would just like to say they are two of the greatest dentists that I have every met. Dr. Lisa and Dr. Roy are good people. Humble, thoughtful, they're kind sweet people. And very genuine. They are just the best…the best people that you could ever meet. And I know that they’re great dentists. They take great care of my teeth. Great great care of my mouth. And my families oral care is even better since, you know, I’ve taken them. My wife my daughter. So, I just want to encourage anyone out there. If you don’t have a dentist, right now, go visit the Foster & Foster dental office. Just go visit. Don’t…I mean even if you don’t have an appointment go visit talk to them. Doctor Lisa, Doctor Roy and the staff there. They’re all great people. And you’ll be glad you did!”

- Sam Toomer

“My name is Marilyn and I love coming to Foster & Foster Family Dental. I never thought I’d get excited about coming to a dentist. As a matter of fact, that was pretty much one of my worst nightmares. But after coming to Foster & Foster Family Dental I get an enjoyment of first of all being taken care of because my teeth feel absolutely wonderful and they look great too. And the best thing about this is just the family environment here. It’s such a great atmosphere. I love the people here at Foster & Foster. And anybody that watches this video please note that this is the real deal. They are fantastic. Make sure you get here and get your teeth taken care of.”

- Marilyn


“Dr. Foster,
Thank you guys SO much for squeezing me in at the last minute! My weekend would have been miserable without your help with that tooth! I truly appreciate your help.”

- R. George

“Dr. Foster,
Your hygienist was an absolute doll to me when she cleaned my teeth. She could not have been nicer. She made me feel like I was home and I had a completely pain free cleaning. She is such a pleasant person to be around!”

- D. Munsey

“Dr. Roy
I am extremely happy with the way my teeth ended up and I have you to thank for that! The teeth and braces did exactly what you said they would and I’m beyond grateful for the results!

Thanks again for everything. You made me feel 100 times more confident!”

- K. Fields

“Drs. Lisa & Roy,
Thank you so much. We appreciate the kindness and great care you gave to my mother. Have a great holiday and we will be seeing you again in the New Year.”

- R. Merrick

“Dr. Foster,
I really enjoyed my time today with Ebony. It was one of my best experiences here. She was very positive and informative during my cleaning. I’m happy she is part of the team! I no longer dread going to the dentist thanks to you and your entire staff!”

- T. Smith

“Hi you wonderful folks.
Thanks a million for my new teeth! I can’t believe it but I have not had the first sore spot or any other type of problem with my new dentures. I started out eating everything just as if I had had them forever. I may be 82 years of age but thanks to you professionals I can now eat like a 16 year old! Thanks again to each of you for a beautiful new set of teeth.”

- J. Graves

“Dear Dr. Foster,
This is just a note to tell you once again how pleased I am with my recent dental procedure. The implant and new tooth look great and although I gave you grief I feel like had a simply beyond excellent care from you and your staff.

If I can be of any help to you and your practice, please feel free to ask.

My best as you continue in your well-chosen profession!”

- M. Boyd

“Dr. Roy,
I have been very pleased with my implant and new crown. It feels and performs no differently than my original tooth or other teeth with crowns on them. The procedure was slightly more involved than getting a crown, but it went very well.

I have always been pleased with the quality of care and professionalism I receive at your office.”

- L. Lewis

“I want EVERYONE to know what a FANTASTIC experience I had. My top six front teeth had to ALL be treated at once. They were worn down and in bad shape and were very thin. I felt very self-conscious and uncomfortable when I smiled. The procedure was easy! The BEST part is I am not afraid to smile anymore!!!

Thank you to Dr. Roy and everyone at Foster & Foster Family Dental. BEST care ANYWHERE!”

- M.A. Wrenn

“Dr. Roy-
Thank you SO much for everything! I LOVE my new smile. I wish time hadn’t played a huge factor, but that’s the U.S. Army for you!

You’ve done an awesome job considering the many changes over the past few months.

I’m so glad I walked through your doors and had a consultation with you! You have made me feel more confident in my smile and I am forever grateful.

Thank you so much and good luck with your new office!”

- A. Murray

“I cannot say enough good things about Foster and Foster Family Dentistry!

They are ALWAYS available and do a fantastic job. My first visit was on New Year's Eve for a horrible toothache...Dr. Lisa came in to take care of it!

Since then, I have worn a crown on my head while getting a dental crown and have laughed my way through a root canal with Dr. Lisa!

Whenever I go to the office, I truly feel like I am making a visit to see my family, and they treat everyone this way!!!”

- K. McMurray

Lip & Tongue Tie Testimonials

“Not long after we came home from the hospital, Lucy was showing the classic signs of lip/tongue tie. I went searching for a tongue/lip tie support group on Facebook. Kentucky’s group had a few preferred providers and Dr. Foster came highly recommended. I wanted to use a preferred provider as I didn’t with my first daughter and results were less than optimal resulting in decreased milk supply and formula supplements. Dr. Foster’s staff was very helpful as I set up my appointment and answered questions I had about insurance. Dr. Foster took his time in evaluating Lucy (at 4 weeks) and explained the issues he saw as the exam took place. Once finished, he gave me two options-to revise or not and pros-cons for each. His wife’s own personal experience with ties and breastfeeding issues gave me confidence this wasn’t something he took lightly. Immediately after revision, Lucy’s latch was slightly improved. Dr. Foster showed me how to do aftercare on her and even followed up with me in text later that evening. Over the next couple days the latch continued improving and nursing got easier. Lucy (at 4 months) continues gaining well and my milk supply is well established. No supplementing here! Highly recommend Dr. Foster and his staff to help you ensure your breastfeeding goals are met.”

- T. Powell

“Moms want to breastfeed and give their babies the best. They want the loving bond of a breastfeeding relationship. Sadly, too many mothers have given up prematurely when they face challenges such as tongue and lip ties. Nearly 2 years ago I was introduced to Dr. Foster at a conference he was hosting, learning of his education and expertise with laser revisions. I have since referred numerous mothers and babies for evaluation and treatment if indicated. Moms have shared with me that they respect his honest, compassionate and personable bedside manner, thorough explanation of benefits and risks, expertise with laser procedure, and follow up care. Because of Dr. Foster, I have been able to assist mothers in reaching their breastfeeding goals.  Moms now are often able to give their baby the best with the loving bond and breastfeeding relationship they dreamed of.

Thank you, Dr. Foster.”

- Louisville, IBCLC

“Dr. Foster has been instrumental in preserving the breastfeeding relationship of many mothers and babies I serve with his knowledge of lip and tongue ties. His professional manner, his excellent work and his genuine concern for these mothers and babies is exceptional. We are fortunate to have him as an evidence-based, preferred provider here in Kentucky.”

- Kellie Gearlds, RN, IBCLC

“Dr. Foster is a competent, encouraging and thorough provider. I feel the utmost comfort referring my patients to him for the treatment of tethered oral tissues (tongue and lip ties). I know that my families will be treated respectfully, have evidence-based care and great follow up. His bedside manner is that of a friend, not a provider. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Roy.”

- Ashley Benz, IBCLC