Dental Exams

Dental exams come in three varieties: new patient, recall and emergency.

New patient exams are just as their name implies: new patient comprehensive exams where we talk and get to know each other. We then take and review needed x-rays, discuss your medical and dental history, then look at your dental needs or talk about esthetic changes you would like to make like whitening, Invisalign or veneers.

Recall exams are done in conjunction with your regular cleanings. We look for any medical or dental changes that have occurred since your last dental visit. We also discuss how to avoid any potential problems we see arising. Photographs of your teeth are taken regularly. Finally we just catch up on anything new going on in life!

Emergency or Limited exams are done when you are having pain from a tooth, have broken or chipped a tooth or other urgent dental concerns need to be addressed. We can typically get patients in the same day at one of our offices. These visits are meant to address one main issue and get you out of pain typically until more definitive treatment can be performed if it is needed.

Dental Tooth Teeth Exams Louisville Kentucky
Dental Tooth Teeth Exams Louisville Kentucky