The mere sound of the words can bring fear to the minds of people. Those fears were borne from root canals from decades ago when you couldn’t adequately numb up a tooth that was infected or the nerve was exposed.

Root canals have come a long way!

Today in the right hands they’re no different than having a filling placed. You’re comfortable from beginning to end.

A root canal allows you to keep a tooth that is in pain or badly broken down by removing the nerve of the tooth. Following a root canal you will typically need to have a crown placed. This is because the tooth-though out of pain-is now compromised as they dry up and become brittle.

If Dr. Roy says he’s going to do your root canal…run! He doesn’t do them. Dr. Lisa does all the root canals in our offices. And she does them very well!

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Actually the best time is BEFORE this happens!
 Be sure to get regular exams and cleanings!