Teeth Grinding - Clenching - Migraines

  • Many adults grind, brux or clench their teeth either throughout the day or, more commonly, all night long.
  • This unnecessary activity typically leads to extensive loss of tooth structure-enamel in particular.
  • Enamel is the hardest substance in our bodies.  Once it's gone and the next layer is exposed, tooth wear accelerates at a dramatic rate.
  • We offer two options to help stop “the nightly grind” we find most effective; NTI or full-coverage bite guards. Both need replacing every few years.


  • This small appliance fits over either your upper or lower front teeth only. Your back teeth don't touch at all when you're wearing it.
  • The benefits are twofold; you prevent wear on the back teeth since they're separated. Second, you reduce the level of clenching to only about 20% of what you'd otherwise do. Even while sleeping our brains only allow us to bite down on our front teeth with 1/5 the biting force our back teeth can.


  • Full-coverage bite guards work a bit differently. Since as their name implies they cover either all upper or lower teeth, you tend to clench or grind with the roughly same amount of force, but you prevent tooth wear since one set of natural teeth is grinding against acrylic.
  • The financial benefits can be great; untreated tooth grinding can lead to needing most or all teeth crowned to replace the missing tooth structure.
  • For a fraction of that cost, you could prevent much of this by having one of these guards made and wearing it nightly.
Dental Tooth Teeth Grinding Clenching Migraines Louisville Kentucky

Dr. Roy’s own NTI on front teeth and keeping his back teeth apart.

Dental Tooth Teeth Grinding Clenching Migraines Louisville Kentucky

This is an image of a typical full coverage bite guard.