This is the removal of a tooth and its root from the mouth for any number of reasons. It could be due to pain and no desire to save the tooth with a root canal and crown, it could be because it is too far decayed or it could be wisdom teeth erupting without sufficient room to do so. No matter the reason the outcome is the same: your tooth is gone.

Extractions are-by nature-the most successful thing we can do in dentistry. That is, once the tooth is gone it’s NOT coming back!

Although Dr. Roy takes out teeth regularly there are circumstances where a referral to an oral surgeon is prudent. These include patients on certain blood thinners or certain medications for osteoporosis, patients with unstable overall health, a tooth root’s proximity to a major nerve or the sinuses among others.

Following extraction of a tooth a plan can be agreed upon for replacing the missing tooth if it would affect your overall ability to eat or it would compromise how your teeth fit together and allow for unwanted tooth movement by adjacent teeth. Post-op care following extractions is to have a mechanically soft diet (no crunchy foods) for 3-4 days. If you smoke-try to avoid it for two full days. Try to avoid spitting forcefully or drinking through a straw. If there’s continued oozing several hours later get a bag of Lipton tea and bite down on it for up to thirty minutes. The tannic acid is not only antimicrobial but is also an astringent and will help stop the oozing.

Dental implants can be placed to replace teeth that have been removed.

Post-op care following extractions:

  • soft diet (no crunchy foods) for 3-4 days
  • if you smoke-try to avoid it for two full days so as to avoid dry socket
  • try to avoid spitting forcefully or drinking through a straw
  • if there is minor bleeding hours later bite down on a tea bag for 30 minutes as they are both antimicrobial and an astringent.
Dental Tooth Extractions Louisville Kentucky
Dental Tooth Extractions Louisville Kentucky

These teeth fall into the category of “you need to see an oral surgeon”.

Children’s teeth erupt and then typically fall out on their own but sometimes if the gums are tender or the adult tooth is erupting too soon or in a position that is out of place then we will extract a baby tooth.

Other times baby teeth need to be pulled is if they’re so decayed they have caused an infection or space is being lost they’re so broken down. Often when these are removed we have to place a space maintainer. As the name implies these maintain sufficient space for the adult tooth that will be taking the place of the baby tooth to come in.

For kids of appropriate age we believe teeth that we pull fall into the same category as those that come out at home and a visit from the Tooth Fairy is due!

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