Did you know:

  • One person in the United States of America dies every hour of every day from oral cancer?

  • Caught early, oral cancer survival rates are among the highest there are?

  • More women in the U.S. will be diagnosed with oral cancer than cervical cancer?

  • The HPV that contributes to cervical cancer also contributes to many cases of oral cancer?

  • More than 25% of patients who get oral cancer don’t engage in risky behaviors, such as smoking?

  • Though somewhat effective, an oral cancer screening performed with direct vision and
 palpation alone significantly decreases the likelihood of finding oral cancer in its earliest and
 most treatable stages?

  • With the use of the VELscope, early cellular changes can often be detected in the oral cavity that
 could go unnoticed until they developed to a later, less treatable and possibly more aggressive
 form of oral cancer?
VELscope Dental Dentist Oral Cancer Louisville Kentucky
VELscope Dental Dentist Oral Cancer Louisville Kentucky

This image shows cellular changes visible to VELscope that weren’t visible on visual exam alone. This turned out to be pre-cancerous changes.

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