• Traditional braces or orthodontics is done in either one or two phases based on age and radiographic (x-ray) findings during an exam.
  • Two phases are often needed: just a few months when most of the front adult teeth are in and then for usually 12-15 months once all teeth are in.
  • Sometimes appliances are first used to help create enough room for the adult teeth that are still to erupt. These are called orthodontic expanders.
  • Braces are placed on all the teeth once all adult teeth are in place.
  • Over the course (on average) of 15-18 months the teeth are brought into their ideal positions.
  • Adjustment of the braces’ positioning on the teeth and progression through various sized wires brings the teeth into their final position.
  • Dr. Roy advocates lifelong retention (retainers) of some kind.
  • Thanks to new metal alloys, wearing braces for 3-5 years is a thing of the past; most cases are completed in under two years.