Same day crowns. How does that sound?

This incredible piece of equipment allows us to scan your teeth without the need for goopy and messy impressions. We then design and mill a porcelain crown, onlay or veneer in the office, so you typically leave the office with your permanent restoration in place rather than waiting up to a month for a lab to make one.

Further, if it’s the patient’s preference, rather than having a filling placed by mashing a putty material into the cavity, we can have the Cerec design and mill a perfectly-fitting restoration that is then bonded into place to give the best longevity.

This technology was initially created more than thirty years ago and has gone through multiple iterations and improvements. It’s so advanced now I don’t know how they could possibly improve upon it!

Same day crowns are here to stay!

Cerec Dental Tooth Crowns Louisville Kentucky
Cerec Dental Tooth Crowns Louisville Kentucky